Hip Hop

 Hip hop America rose from era of racism, mayhem, bloodshed and series of undesirable facts that cast shadow over color people�s emotional function over decades . The energy endorsed by bloodshed and ignorance found an artistic form of conversion at 1970 in the form of the musical genre which debates all mainstreams but still stands strong generating crazy wave that passes through a generation across globe.

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 Hip hop doesn`t dwell at the circle of sound definition, a way of life or a taboo religion possess credence amid lot of adults who exist at the horizon where posh New York doesn�t exist. Hip hop waves the frequency through many white skins for decades of craze and optimistically the result stands that, there is no class, color or race factor in context of popularity.

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 The audio-visual setting sketches a vivid picture around that instinct sense catching energy, hip hop beat waves. Weird ideas of playing turntables and taboo instruments formed room for rhythm with spliced sound and unique motion of flowing lyric.

 DJs belong to afro-american colony grew at Bronx-Brooklyn found to be creditworthy for putting sadistic weird energy in the form of musical gesture. The journey to fame espouses more research and experiments to hatch more news. Sub genres like crunk or gang sta rap promoted audience to react on different motion, atmosphere and understand desire of rapping emotion. Crunk is South American brain child that formed a living picture of crowd surrounded to enjoy dance floor moving performance with hard beat of hip hop at background. Gang sta rap was espoused by sinister shadow of dark life with ghetto narration. There will be no arguments at the description that gang sta rap is musical study of urban crime with no intention of spreading knowledge throughout lyrics.

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 A several debate has been incepted to find the grace of best hip hop beats of all time. The best amid a lot of creations injected confusions developing a unique best parts vividly un mutual. The research always flaunt the essence of beats on the lyrical process with other elements. At the process from beginning to end the dominance of beats set upon flow of time signature, tempo, tone or lyrics.

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 The idea of internet set a dramatic idea of marketing that is very regular and contain no perception of it�s being unorthodox practice. Now hip hop beats have been being presented as a music product of crazy demand at the sites of business intentions. A usual picture of inclusive/exclusive has been mutual for almost same kind of business maneuver selling hip hop beats with a lilted difference. The inclusive items demand a little price of below$20 with terms and conditions. Usually the items have an average possibility to create a new musical hit and after a successful download comforting the site�s desire for bucks. It may approach several terms and condition regarding loyalty and 0% assurance to have no clones. The exclusive hip hop beats demands a great range of affordability being a one piece made.

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